‘Idalia’ impacting Florida soon; CNY too?

After a quick start to the hurricane season in the Atlantic back in early June, things really quieted down late in June through the start of August, but over the last week or two the Atlantic Basin and Gulf of Mexico have become quite busy!

Where is ‘Idalia’ and what direction is the storm heading??

The latest tropical system that is spinning up is ‘Idalia’ that developed over the weekend near the Yucatan Peninsula is the ninth named storm of the season. This storm is likely not only going to impact the United States, but probably going to impact much of the Southeast in form or another.

When and where does the storm make landfall??

As of Monday morning, it appears the Gulf Coast of Florida near Tallahassee is where ‘Idalia’ could very well make landfall potentially as a major hurricane late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

A several foot rise of the sea is expected (storm surge) with this strengthening, dangerous storm as it approaches the west coast of Florida Tuesday into Wednesday. Combine the significant storm surge with several inches of rain, and significant flooding is expected across parts of the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Any impacts in CNY from ‘Idalia’?

After ‘Idalia’ makes landfall as a powerful hurricane midweek across the Northwestern Gulf Coast of Florida, the storm weakens to a tropical storm and then should provide some damaging winds and heavy rain and at least a limited amount of storm surge across the Carolinas Wednesday night into Thursday.

Thankfully, a cold front zipping through our area Wednesday will help kick ‘Idalia’ out to sea before she can impact us at all late in the week. Instead, we are expecting some incredible weather in CNY Thursday and Friday!

Stay tuned for updates on ‘Idalia’ from the NC9 storm team this week.

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