Flo Rida Dances Onstage With Crowd-Surfing Baby in Viral Video

Babies get wild at concerts too!

Flo Rida was performing CelebrateErie festival in Pennsylvania over the weekend, where he’s seen in a viral video posted by TMZ motioning a parent to send their baby over to the stage. Within seconds, the infant is crowd-surfing to the front, with fans gently moving the baby up over the crowd over to the rapper. Flo Rida then holds the baby as he performs “Low,” dancing around and even putting the mic up to the baby’s mouth in case he wanted to get a few bars in.

The child somehow eventually made his way onto the main stage, where Flo Rida’s crew held him up Lion King style while the rapper performed “GDFR.”

It’s been a lucrative year for Flo Rida, who was awards $82 million back in January following a legal battle with energy drink maker Celcius, claiming the company violated an endorsement deal with the rapper. Flo Rida’s lawsuit, filed in 2021, claimed he was owed millions in additional stock and ongoing royalties under the terms of the deals. Broward County jury found that Celsius breached two contracts it had signed with the rapper.

“They understood all these complicated legal issues and, in our view, came to the right conclusion,” the rapper’s attorney John J. Uustal told Billboard at the time. “After our client finished testifying, there was no doubt that this was not a greedy individual.”

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