BTS’ RM Addresses Criticism Over Sharing Frank Ocean’s ‘Bad Religion’: ‘I’m Not Apologizing’

RM is standing firm. During a Weverse live chat with ARMY on Wednesday (Aug. 30), the BTS rapper addressed criticism he recently faced after sharing Frank Ocean’s “Bad Religion” to his Instagram Stories.


“OK, guys. I know what you’re talking about. You just keep telling me that I insulted a religion. But I didn’t,” he insisted, exasperated, as he began to address the topic. “There was not any intention or purpose to insult a religion. I respect every beliefs and religions. That’s all I could say.”

“I know what’s going on on my Instagram. I can see. But I never … there was no such any purpose or like at least 1% of my heart to insult a religion, OK?” he continued, shaking his head in frustration. “Guys, it’s a song, OK? I’m not apologizing. I’m just saying. I have my own soul. I’m 30 years old. I can express my true thoughts. Please! The word is the word, it is what it is. Please believe my words from myself. Not just guessing, pretending and assuming, OK?”

The K-pop star went on to say that he knows that even in telling his truth, there will be some people who doubt him and believe he’s lying. “But I just can’t lie! I just can’t lie to you!” he pressed on. “I’m just being honest.”

RM added that he felt like he had to say something because otherwise, “people will just keep chatting me about that,” and he “just can’t stand it right now.”

“I just can’t bear it, I can’t deal with it. I just have to say it. If it’s me, just believe my own words,” he pleaded before changing the subject.

Ocean’s song, off his July 2012 album Channel Orange, about unrequited love kicks off with the artist singing about asking a taxi driver to lend him an ear as he pours his heart out. In the chorus, Ocean croons, “He said ‘Allahu akbar’/ I told him, ‘Don’t curse me.” “Allahu akbar” in Arabic means “God is the greatest,” with some listeners interpreting the response to be an insult.

After RM shared the song to his Instagram Stories earlier this month, some people on Twitter criticized him for sharing the tune, calling it an “Islamophobic song” and demanding that he apologize to Muslims.

Fans in the Weverse chat defended the BTS member’s choice to share the emotional song. “I’m Muslim myself … Don’t listen to what they say. Those who say these things are uncultured and superstitious,” commented one. Added another: “Totally blown out of proportion! No need to apologize. Press on!”

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