Adele Stands Up for a Fan, J-Hope Goes Top 10, NMIXX Talk Tour Memories & More | Billboard News

Adele stands up for a superfan during her concert over the weekend, BTS’ J-Hope and Doja Cat make it into the top 10 of our Billboard 200 and Hot 100 charts, while Travis Scott and Oliver Anthony Music remain on top. Meghan Trainor and the Jonas Brothers take home wins at this years 2023 Streamys. Tim McGraw tells us five things you didn’t know about him. K-pop girl group NMIXX tell us about their second-year anniversary, their favorite memories from tour, a viral clip of a baby onstage at one of their shows and more.

Tetris Kelly
No stranger to the charts. Adele is still killing it in Vegas, and this past weekend was an eventful one. Adele continues her residency in Vegas, and if you didn’t think it could get more epic, it just did.

Tetris Kelly
Adele got involved with a superfan in the audience who kept being confronted by security in a viral video making the rounds online.

Watch the full video above!

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