Firefighters Save Taylor Swift Fan’s Concert Dress From Burning Home 

They say in case of a fire, secure your valuables. In a Swiftie’s case, that included her dress she planned to wear for Taylor Swift’s Chicago concert.

17-year-old Grace Farrell’s family home in Frankfort, Ill., broke out in flames on Saturday night (June 3), and firefighters quickly got everyone safely out of the house, according to ABC7 Chicago.

However, Grace realized that she left two important things inside the house: her retainer and the dress she planned to wear to The Eras tour the next day. “The fire was actually on the other side of her wall in the bedroom, so I told her it wasn’t safe to go in, and we went up there and got what she needed,” firefighter Brian Adcock told ABC7.

“I was just speechless, because I was not expecting to be there that night in that dress,” Grace added.

Despite the devastating event, Grace was able to feel a sense of normalcy at Swift’s show the next day, wearing the dress saved from the fire. “They were telling me on the phone they’re not going, and I said, ‘Absolutely not. You’re going and you’re going to enjoy your life,” said Cheryl Farrell, Grace’s mom.

Grace even got to witness a hilarious moment at the show on Sunday (June 4) when Swift swallowed a bug on stage. “I just swallowed a bug,” Swift moaned from the stage, where she covered her face and turned away from the crowd in her Evermore set, during which she was about lead in to “Tolerate It.” “It’s just so stupid,” she said, shaking her head and attempting to spit out the insect.

“Delicious,” she deadpanned.

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