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TETRIS KELLY: Ice Spice is Billboard’s newest cover star! The ‘Princess of Rap’ opened up about some of the biggest collaborations in her career so far, making TikToks with Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West and more! Ed Sheeran discusses the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ copyright trial and reveals that it caused him to miss his grandmother’s funeral. We are breaking down what fans should expect from the Academy of Country Music Awards tonight. And more!

I’m Tetris and let’s get into today’s top story. Beyoncé kicked off her Renaissance World Tour in Sweden last night and we’ve got to talk about it. Beyonce performed a three-hour set and her first show in Stockholm comprised of 40 songs. Noticeably missing from the setlist: ‘Single Ladies’, ‘If I Were a Boy’, and ‘Halo,’ but she did sample my girl Britney with a little ‘Toxic’. I won’t spoil too much of the show. You can see all the videos online for that but Bey did post the highlight reel showing the high tech extravaganza. I mean, she brought out a giant mirrorball covered horse. Oh yeah, and she flew across the crowd on a horse a la Donna Summer. See you in September, Bey!

From a Queen to a Princess. Let’s check out our new cover star, Ice Spice. “I did manifest being successful. I would always be on Google as a kid and looking up how to be rich. And like careers that pay the most. So like growing up, I was like, okay, should I be a doctor? Or should I be a lawyer? You know what I’m saying? I just wanted to make a lot of money, but I just love music. So I guess that’s how it just fell into place.

ICE SPICE: “I love the Princess label. I feel like I let the fans pick that one. Because I didn’t like claim her until I saw like all my supporters being like ‘she’s the People’s Princess. She’s Princess Diana.’ At first I was confused. I was like, Oh, Princess Diana, like out everybody? But I was like she’s iconic. So yeah, Princess Diana it is.

“I’ve been a fan of Nicki my whole life. I feel like I was always manifesting like working with her and meeting her one day and stuff like that. So, I mean, I guess it’s just perfect timing.”

TETRIS: I feel like I need to meet Ice Spice. But I also need to hang out with Ed Sheeran, because he can teach me some things about music.

ED SHEERAN: “This is my, like, livelihood. And this is a thing that I’ve worked my entire life to do, and to have someone like disbelieve it and diminish it and just say that you’ve stolen it. I really felt like I had to take a stand and go to it.”

TETRIS: Ed Sheeran spoke out, saying he felt he had to take the stand during his copyright trial when he stopped by the ‘Howard Stern Show’ on Wednesday. The singer songwriter showed the radio host the mix of songs he played for the jury all using similar chord progressions.

Ed said there was 101 songs they found with similar chord sequences going back as far as the 1700s. He ultimately won his case and doubled down saying if he lost, he would have quit music

Now let’s talk to one of Billboard’s best about what’s going down in country. Country stars descend on Dallas tonight for the Academy of Country Music Awards. Garth Brooks and Dolly Parton take the stage together to host one of country music’s biggest nights, and Billboard’s Executive Editor for Nashville, Melinda Newman, fills us in on what to expect.

MELINDA NEWMAN: One of the biggest things people are looking forward to for tonight at the Academy of Country Music Awards is Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks are co-hosting. Dolly has hosted before but Garth has never hosted an awards show. So, you have arguably two of the biggest stars in the world hosting this event together and they’re longtime friends so it should be very fun to see how they interact with each other.

TETRIS: Morgan Wallen had to pull out of performing due to vocal issues. But who are some of the big performers we’re expecting to see tonight?

MELINDA: The good news is the show was so packed full with performances that they’re not even scrambling to replace him. Earlier, today they announced that Ed Sheeran will be performing so it will be Ed’s first performance since he won his landmark court case. And then there are also a number of performances that people are looking forward to including some collaborations like Carly Pearce and Trisha Yearwood. Ashley McBryde has got a whole bunch of people performing with her. Luke Combs is performing. You have artists who aren’t nominated showing up and performing just because it’s going to be a great evening.

TETRIS: Entertainer of the Year is ACM biggest award. Is there a clear front runner in that category?

MELINDA: This year, the ACM has expanded it from five nominees to seven but it’s a really tough slate. Even with the expansion, it’s hard to figure out who’s going to go home. But Jessica Nicholson, my colleague at Billboard, predicted Luke Combs will win.

TETRIS: Thanks, Melinda and good luck to all the nominees.

Now. I’m always down to learn some new slang and today I’m getting it from Evaluna.

EVALUNA: Hi, my name is Evaluna. And my favorite Venezuelan slang is ‘Cayendo y corriendo como la iguana.’ I don’t know why I love it. It means like, ‘we’re doing this fast.’ Like we got to, you know, to get there and we do our thing. When we leave. I just I love it. My mom always says like, “Okay, let’s go. Cayendo y corriendo.” Another word that I love is cónchale, which in Argentina might be a little weird, but I just say for everything. It’s like, “cónchale, man!” Like, “dang it!” And that was my favorite Venezuelan slang.

TETRIS: That’s the show. Come back tomorrow for our Tour Stop with ENHYPEN. plus all your new music. This is Billboard News.

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