Saweetie and Baby Tate Play ‘How Well Do You Know Each Other?’ | Billboard

‘Hey Mickey’ collaborators, Saweetie and Baby Tate see how well they know each other.

Baby Tate 0:00
I’m Baby Tate

Saweetie 0:01
and I’m Saweetie

Baby Tate and Saweetie 0:02
and we’re gonna see how well we know each other

Producer 0:13
Who would win in a twerk off?

Baby Tate 0:16
Me..ha ha ha

Baby Tate 0:18
not in this dress

Producer 0:22
Who is most likely to be late to set?

Saweetie 0:28
Don’t judge me there was traffic today. I think it’s neutral

Producer 0:34
Who’s the bigger spender?

Baby Tate 0:37
Probably Saweetie

Saweetie 0:38

Baby Tate 0:39
You see this shirt like?

Producer 0:41
Who takes the most selfies?

Saweetie 0:44
Oh I don’t know that might be a tie

Saweetie 0:46
Yeah, I feel like we’re both picture girls.

Baby Tate 0:50
I was definitely taking pictures earlier

Saweetie 0:51
Me too.

Baby Tate 0:52
Gotta get that good light

Saweetie 0:53

Producer 0:55
Who is most likely to google themselves?

Baby Tate 0:58

Saweetie 0:59
Me too.

Producer 0:59
Who is the better driver?

Saweetie 1:08
Oh me.

Baby Tate 1:09
I don’t drive so definitely Saweetie.

Saweetie 1:10
I’m like the best getaway driver. I think in another life l

Baby Tate 1:14
Like a racecar.

Saweetie 1:15
No like a getaway driver.

Baby Tate 1:18
That’s good to know.

Producer 1:23
Who’s the bigger crier?

Baby Tate 1:25
Oh, I mean, I don’t really cry that much.

Saweetie 1:27
Me either.

Baby Tate 1:28
I don’t have any water in my chart.

Saweetie 1:28
Well, I have hella water in my chart, but shoot.

Baby Tate 1:30
You don’t be crying?

Saweetie 1:32
No I don’t.

Baby Tate 1:32
It’s no more pain over here.

Producer 1:35
Who is most likely to forget lyrics while performing?

Baby Tate 1:43
Yeah, definitely we forget into. We have so many songs,

Saweetie 1:47

Baby Tate 1:48
I think people like they get a little hard on artists like how you don’t remember your words. Like I write a lot of words.

Saweetie 1:53
I think it’d be like the choreo with the rabbit. I did it one time and they caught me in 4k.

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