Migrants no more, Candlewood Suites housing saga continues



TOWN OF SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Long-term guest, Eddie Lenton is breathing a small sigh of relief.

“We’re all feeling a little bit better,” Lenton said.

On Monday, May 22, Lenton and dozens of others were forced out of Candlewood Suites because a busload of migrants reportedly were going to move into the hotel.

Now, Lenton has a lawyer.

“From what the lawyers are saying some of us may not have to leave right away since we’ve paid up and we’ve been here for a while,” Lenton said. “So that at least buys some of us time to find something and that’s all we wanted to know.”

Lenton is getting treated at Upstate Hospital and he cannot afford to leave Central New York.

“I’ve got a bunch of tests here, to move out of this area it’s going to cost me more money,” Lenton said. “From what I’m finding right now I can’t afford $1,800 a month.”

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