John Legend Slams ‘Desperate’ Megyn Kelly for Attacking Chrissy Teigen’s Outfit: ‘She Can Just Shut Up’

John Legend isn’t holding back. After Megyn Kelly ripped into the outfit Chrissy Teigen wore for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last weekend, the “All Of Me” singer had some choice words for the polarizing conservative commentator.

Speaking to TMZ on Thursday (May 4), Legend theorized that Kelly chose to attack his wife in an attempt to get back into the Republican party’s good graces. “Megyn, she likes attention,” said the 12-time Grammy winner. “She needs it after getting fired from Fox, so she has to do what she can do to get attention.” [Editor’s note: Kelly chose to leave the cable news network in 2017 to join NBC News.]

“She pissed all the conservatives off when she asked Trump a tough question, so now she’s trying to figure out a way to win them back,” Legend added. “She’s desperate.”

Indeed, Kelly has clashed with Trump and his followers ever since she asked the former president point-blank about his track record of calling women “fat pigs” and “slobs” during a Republican debate in 2015. Eight years later, Teigen attends President Biden’s 2023 WHCD in a leggy gown and a few assistants there to help carry her train — and Kelly takes issue.

“I see Chrissy Tiegen’s underpants,” the former Fox News host tweeted Monday (May 1). “And her smug elitism.”

In her SiriusXM show, Kelly also blasted Teigen for having “minions” carry the train of her “nonexistent” dress. But Legend told TMZ of the commentator, “She can just shut up.”

As for whether his wife actually deserves to be called “elitist,” Legend said that Teigen is actually “very kind, very loving, very down to earth.” And as to whether she feel bad for having helpers on hand to make sure her dress didn’t drag on the ground?

“No, why should she?” replied the musician, who agreed that getting help from assistants just comes with the territory of making public appearances as a celebrity.

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