How Adriel Favela Turned Rebellious Corridos Into Introspective Mariachi on ‘Solo Muere Si Se Olvida’

On Sólo Muere Si Se Olvida — which loosely translates to “only dead if forgotten” — Adriel Favela steps away from his signature corridos that have been his core sound for a decade.

The Mexican singer, known for his top 10 hits on Billboard’s Latin Airplay and Regional Mexican Airplay charts such as “Tomen Nota” and “Con un Botecito a Pecho,” most recently released the six-track EP via Fonovisa/Universal.

Recorded at the Sonic Ranch studios in Tornillo, Texas, Favela collaborates with artists such as Kiko Cibrián, who is in charge of vocally directing the singer in his debut with rancheras, and Favela’s leading producer, Daniel Valenzuela. It also includes the EP’s first single “En Este Amor” and the sweet title track “Sólo Muere Si Se Olvida,” featuring romantic pop singer Kurt.

“This project has been about letting me flow, it has nothing to do with musical trends,” says Favela. “Right now I’m not in a violent wave of corridos. I’m no longer living as before, it’s a personal growth and I believe that it is valid to live in both”.

The 30-year-old musician recently spoke with Billboard Español about his new set, which also include songs “Buscando el Olvido,” “Niña Bonita,” “Mi Condena” and “Amor Real”.

Below, Favela breaks down each of the tracks on his new EP in the order in which they appear:

“En Este Amor”

A “very significant” ranchera ballad, according to Favela, because it represents his “debut” with mariachi. “In this love, things were unbalanced/ For my part, I gave up what I didn’t have/ On the other hand, you gave nothing/ In this love, it’s my turn to be the one to forget you,” he sings.

“Buscando el Olvido”

The perfect combination of country music and mariachi, this song is the “most fun” one on the album, according to Favela. “It takes too much to erase the memories / For lovesickness there is no other remedy / Drunk, I don’t think about her kisses / I forget how much I love her,” he sings.

“Niña Bonita

A love ballad with a music video was filmed in Paris. “It was very special for me to be there and see my mariachi wearing charro suits away from Mexico,” he says excitedly.

“Mi Condena”

A heartbreak track in which he was accompanied by Ismael de la Rosa and Yerai Cortés, who give mariachi a twist with their powerful flamenco performance.

“Amor Real”

Another beautiful ranchera ballad of heartbreak created out of “the personal need to send a positive message in these times”, says Favela. “I wanted to take my fans and those who have joined me to the depths of my heart.”

“Sólo Muere Si Se Olvida”

Dedicated to his late grandmother, the song is about how “we want to transcend [and] how we want to be remembered”, he explains. Adding that recording it with Kurt was a “very special” experience. “I have always been honest with what I sing and live,” concludes the artist. “Today I’m enjoying life in a totally different way.”

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