Here’s How a Harry Styles Song Helped ‘Yellowjackets’ Star Sophie Nélisse Film the Emotional Birth Episode

Yellowjackets star Sophie Nélisse opened up in a new interview on Sunday (May 7) about the Harry Styles song that got her through filming her character’s tragic birthing scene in the latest episode of the Showtime drama.


“I was listening to, for some reason, ‘Fine Line’ by Harry Styles,” the actress told Entertainment Weekly of preparing to film the intense scene for her character, Shauna. “It wrecks me. I don’t know why it gets me, but I have a whole playlist of sad songs, it’s called Rough Day at the Office. From week to week it will change, but for some reason, ‘Fine Line’ gets to me.”

“I’ll usually have my earphones in right before the take and take them out right before action. I have to listen before and then stay in that emotion,” she added.

However, despite pulling off the wilderness birth, Nélisse admitted that when she first received the script, she was rattled at the idea of such a Shauna-centric episode. “I felt so pressured because it’s very centered around my character,” she said. “I remember sitting with [director] Liz [Garbus]. I just remember looking up from my script and I started sobbing. I was like ‘I’m not good enough for this, I can’t do it.’

“It’s definitely different than anything I’ve ever had to play and tapping into something I can’t relate to, which was really interesting,” Nélisse continued.

As for Styles, he recently took some inspiration from the underrated PIXAR gem WALL-E for the music video for Harry’s House single “Satellite” and also appeared as one of the very last guests on the finale of The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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