Fulton couple lost in crash named prom king and queen

FULTON, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Brady Niver was never a fan of the color pink.

That’s why his mom, Heather Niver, says she was “shocked” when they went to Charney’s. “We went to pick out a tux and he went straight for the hot pink to match her dress,” she remembers.

His prom date was going to be his longtime girlfriend, Rylee Bartlett, whose favorite color was pink.

The prom went on Friday without the couple. Rylee died in a car crash about two weeks ago. Brady, also hurt, died eight days later.

Brady’s mom said: “I was questioning, at first, ‘why would you take him now? You had your chance to take him Sunday. Why are you taking him now?’ I truly believe that those eight days had meaning, have impacted people and brought people together.”

Heather Niver sat down with NewsChannel 9, inspired to share what she calls “Brady Strong.” The movement that began during his fight in the hospital is becoming her life’s mission.

She wants to inspire people to emulate Brady’s strength through tough situations.

She, herself, is doing that in openly talking about her family’s tragedy.

Her daughters, Reese and Riley, are being strong as they attend the prom four days after losing their triplet brother..

Reese and Riley were able to smile for photos, even without Brady completing the trio.

Their classmates named Brady and Rylee as prom king and queen. While the couple won’t be there the way everyone expected, his mom finds comfort in the belief they’re together.

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