Family makes Green Lakes three decade Memorial Day Weekend Tradition

FAYETTEVILLE NY (WSYR-TV) — While many local families have planned weekend trips and getaways for the extended holiday weekend, others choose to make Central New York their Memorial Day destination.

For 29 years, brother and sister Tom White and Terry Green bring their tradition of camping to Green Lakes State Park.

They come from all across the state because they say it’s a central location, and the tradition just took off.

“My parents were part of it. Now it’s our generation, our kids have been a part of it now our grandkids are a part of it,” Terry Green, traveling from Locke, New York said.

Cornhole, brunch and brews bring hundreds of family members and friends in. They use every part of the campground to make memories.

“We always walk the lake several times, we’ve had softball games, the kids love the playground over here. If the beach was open you had to jump in!” Green said.

While it looks to be a picture perfect weekend this year, Green told us they’ve dealt with freezing temperatures and snow other years. Her brother said being together is what matters most.

“Unfortunately when we get older you realize that you gotta take advantage of it every time you can so [camping] is a huge part of it. Family’s important to us. We got that from our parents. They raised us to love each other. To respect each other. To cherish the time we have,” Tom White from the Rochester area said.

Expanding their tradition to whoever joins along the way.

If you would like to start your own tradition at Green Lakes or would like to know how to register at the campsite click here.

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