Elena Rose Reveals Her Favorite Miami Slang | Billboard

Elena Rose chatted with Billboard and talked about some of her favorite Miami slang!

ELENA ROSE: Hi, I’m Elena Rose and this is my three top favorite Miami slang. El primero is “Pero Like”. Pero like, I think is when you’re trying to explain something, you know, and also like when you have to think in English but you really speak Spanish. A veces se mete, sometimes it gets in, you know, so it’s like, I want to do this, pero like, we start here and then we start there. You know, the second one could be, “You Know.” ¿Tú sabes? I just said, “You Know”, ¿verdad? I just said you know? Okay, so that’s, you know, es como like an affirmation. It doesn’t really mean you know, because you know. You know. El tercero es “Papi”. Everything is “Papi. Mi amor. Mami.” Eso es bien Miami. This is my favorite Miami slang.

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