Dolly Parton Specifies Which ‘Greedy Politicians’ She’s Singing About in ‘World on Fire’

Dolly Parton gets a little political on her new song “World on Fire,” the first release from her upcoming debut rock album Rockstar (out Nov. 17).


Parton wrote the song herself, and in an interview with NBC’s Today, the singer-songwriter discusses the song’s lyrics — particularly, a few lines that take aim at “greedy politicians, present and past/ They wouldn’t know truth if it bit them in the *ss.”

When asked about the lyrics during her appearance, Parton laughed and asked “That’s true, ain’t it?” When pressed to elaborate on which politicians the Country Music Hall of Fame (and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) member might have been referring to, she answered, “All of ’em. Any of ’em. I don’t think any of ’em are trying hard enough.”

Digging further into the lyric, Parton added the divisive nature of modern politics doesn’t led itself to solutions. “I just really think often that they worry more about their party than they do about the people,” she said. “If we just do what we felt was the right thing, rather than ‘Who’s gonna lose?’ or ‘Who’s gonna win this?’ or ‘Who’s gonna look better if they do this?’ rather than what comes from the heart.”

Parton debuted “World on Fire” during a performance on the Academy of Country Music Awards, which she also co-hosted alongside Garth Brooks.

The massive, 30-song tracklist for Rockstar details Parton’s collaborations with Sting, Elton John, Joan Jett and more. Parton also collaborated with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Peter Frampton and Mick Fleetwood on the Beatles’ classic “Let It Be.”

“Paul was so gracious, and he played the piano and he sang on it, and they just killed it,” Parton told Today.

See Parton’s full interview with Today below:

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