Cardi B Takes on the ‘Spicy Bowl’ Challenge With Offset

Cardi B was spicing things up in the kitchen with Offset (literally), and took to TikTok to share the process.

“My man been asking me to do this spicy bowl, this trendy spicy bowl s—, so I’m going to do it for him,” the rapper shared in a video posted on Thursday (May 4), before delving into the ingredients of her mouth-burning concoction, which included sausages and “lots and lots of hot sauce.” The camera then panned to Offset, who looked apprehensive about his decision to take part in the challenge as Cardi continued to dump hot sauce over the sausages.

But Cardi didn’t stop there. The “I Like It” superstar added crushed red pepper, pickles, pickle juice, jalapeños, jalapeño juice, Pepperoncinis, banana peppers, smoked paprika “for color and flavor,” blackened seasoning, Old Bay seasoning and hard boiled eggs before mixing it all together and presenting the stew to the Migos rapper to try.

“Wait! Let me get him water!” the couple’s four-year-old daughter Kulture sweetly shouted before the taste test, anticipating that the meal might be a little too spicy. However, Offset didn’t need the water, and actually ended up liking the spicy bowl. “It’s good, I would put this in a soup,” he shared.

Kulture felt differently. She tried a tiny taste for herself, before hilariously immediately making a grossed-out face, screaming and running off.

Watch it all go down below.


Soooo i did the viral spicybowl for my baby 🌶️HOPE YALL TRY IT!!

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