Z Morning Zoo

5/2 Tuesday Zoo

In what will be the last Tuesday Zoo until September, you get a longer compilation and the gang gets a little emotional.

They open the show with some hard truths (1:03) and then talk about how friend of the show Dom might be a massive fraud (4:25)! The show is an unorganized mess as Daniel takes shots at his co-hosts, and they compare each other to members of the Beatles and Hudson lets us in on a startling truth (8:07). The cult classic segment Cooper Smells (fun fact, Cooper smells took home the award of ‘Best Segment’ at Z89) is a tough one as Cooper’s scents are in rare form (13:21). We talk about our favorite show memories (18:50) and then go into Box of Chocolates (25:10). Daniel gives a brief explanation of the Cooper Power Hour which makes its debut in these compilations (34:30) and then it kicks off with a bang (35:00). The guys play guess the song (36:58) and then come forward with a dark truth about the show as well as some more memories (42:34). In their last segment (48:50), they each give their closing remarks and then sign off one final time.

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