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Syracuse University’s “Bandersnatch”

Laura Elliot, Tom The Mail Man, and Redveil made a special appearance for SU students at Schine Underground

Schine Underground was the place to be on April 8th, 2023, as the heavily anticipated “Bandersnatch” concert presented by University Union took place. The cramped venue was filled with Syracuse students eagerly awaiting performances from Laura Elliot, Tom The Mail Man, and Redveil.

The show started out with Laura Elliot, and she transformed the atmosphere into a setting similar to an emotional tell-all. Laura’s bedroom pop-punk aesthetic was the perfect fit for Bandersnatch, as her soothing vocals and impactful lyrics immediately captivated the audience. 

“A lot of talking… I’d like to think that I’m a funny young lady on stage. It’s a nice time, it can be a fun time, but also there’s like sad songs,” Elliot says when discussing what to expect from her performances. She sang a mix of old and new songs, including “weird,” “Iris,” and “Blue,” and received heartfelt cheers from the crowd. Although many in attendance were unfamiliar with Laura’s music beforehand, they quickly became fans and appeared eager for more.

Next up was Tom The Mail Man, who brought a completely different energy to the stage. The Atlanta artist confidently took control of the audience by jumping into the crowd and moshing with the hundreds of sweaty college students. When asked about his seemingly unwavering self-assurance Tom The Mail Man said, “This (confidence) is something that I built up over time. I was not confident even growing up; still, to this day, it’s a work in progress.”

Tom’s energy was infectious, and the crowd jumped and shouted along to his passion-filled set. Tom The Mail Man’s unique flow and ear-wormy beats left the crowd begging for more, and surprisingly, he concluded his set with a campfire-esc sing-along of his track “Bad Hoe.”

It was then time for the headliner, Redveil. The Maryland rapper took the stage to thunderous applause; his childlike wonder was infectious. He started his set with the recently released “giftbag,” a catchy track that had the crowd bouncing. Redveil was a jubilantly energetic performer, and his stage presence was well beyond his 18-year-old age. 

One of the highlights of Redveil’s set was when he debuted his new song “black enuff.” The crowd went wild, and it was evident that this song was on its way to being a hit. Redveil also previewed the unreleased dancehall-inspired song “F2G” with Mekdelawit off his upcoming EP playing w/ fire, which drops on April 19th. The audience adored the song’s groove and was excited to hear more.

“Bandersnatch” ended up as a fun and unforgettable evening for Syracuse University students. The combination of Laura Elliot’s intimate bedroom pop, Tom The Mail Man’s high-energy bravado, and Redveil’s charismatic rapping made for a euphoric concert experience. It’s safe to say that “Bandersnatch” was a highlight event that concertgoers aren’t likely to forget soon. 

Article by Noah Weinberg

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