Severe T-storm Watch issued for Central New York


A Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been issued for much of Central New York until 8 pm this evening.

What is headed our way?

A line of strong storms is expected to move through all of Central New York later this afternoon with the greatest threat being strong, damaging winds of 60 mph or greater.

Those types of winds could cause minor damage along with knocking down trees or tree limbs. Wind damage has the potential to cause at least scattered power outages in the region.

When does it get bad?

As of 2 pm the storms were moving into Western New York and were racing to the east at between 40 and 50 mph.  We would expect the storms to start moving into the Finger Lakes close to 4 pm the I-81 corridor (including Syracuse) close to 5 pm.

Since the storms are moving quickly, it looks like the worst of the weather would be east of Syracuse by 6 pm and then moving out of all of Central New York by 7 pm.

What should I do before the storms arrive?

While the weather is still sunny and dry, do a quick walk around your house to make sure things that could be blown away in a thunderstorm are tied down or brought in.

Like in any case where storms are a threat make sure you have batteries for flashlights and fully charge your cell phone, so you have access to the latest weather data when you are away from your TV or computer.

Remember when thunder roars, head indoors.

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