Watch ‘Dragula’ Star Meatball Serve George Santos Realness in Hilarious Viral Performance

As Rep. George Santos continues to face accusations of boldly lying to his constituents and working as a drag queen, one performer is having the time of her life roasting him for it.


On Monday (Feb. 27), a video was posted on TikTok showing Dragula season one contestant Meatball performing as a part of Drag Race alum Sasha Velour’s New York drag revue show Nightgowns. In the clip, a series of news videos begin to flood the backdrop of the stage about George Santos’ ongoing scandal. As the first few notes to “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman begin to play, Meatball steps forward in head-to-toe George Santos drag.

As she performs a fierce lip sync to the song, Meatball slowly strips away her Congressman outfit, revealing a tight-fitting red dress, a long black wig and a feather boa, directly referencing a photo that has circulated online of Kitara Ravache, Santos’ alleged drag persona.

Meatball commented on the performance by reposting the TikTok to her Instagram on Tuesday (Feb. 28). “This is me. From @sashavelour @night.gowns last night was such an honor to be in the cast this month!” she wrote. “And thank you Sasha for letting me be a nightmare mess.”

It’s not the first time a drag queen has publicly mocked Santos. When the congressman complained on Twitter that late-night television impressions of him were “terrible,” former Drag Race All Stars winner Trixie Mattel responded saying, “Maybe the source material was weak.” When Santos replied trying to insult the queen’s acting chops, Mattel paraphrased a quote he gave to TMZ about his drag career, saying, “I am not an actor! I was young and I had fun at a festival!”

Check out the clip of Meatball’s performance below:

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