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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The first spring meeting for the Syracuse Cinephile Society kicked off last Monday, March 20, at the Spaghetti Warehouse.

You can find the Syracuse Cinephiles at the Spaghetti Warehouse every Monday night during the spring and fall.

“Our mission is to keep classic films, stars, directors, alive in this area and to introduce them to as many people who may be unfamiliar with them as possible,” said Gerry Orlando, President of the Syracuse Cinephile Society.

Gerry Orlando presides over the evening, presenting a little perspective for the crowd, ranging from film students to mature movie buffs.

Gerry says these Monday evenings have permanently changed the way he views films.

“As I’m watching it, I’m thinking ‘How would this play on a Monday night?’” said Orlando.

The first movie of the spring season kicked off with the comedy team of Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly in the 1934 comedy short “Maid in Hollywood” followed by the classic feature “Topper” with Cary Grant.

Margaret Kramer, a classic film fan and a member of the Syracuse Cinephile Society, said she enjoys what Orlando brings to the group and the people are fantastic.

“The history is fascinating. His insights are fascinating. And the people are a lot of fun,” said Kramer.

Orlando said a lot of the films they show are new to the members and they are seeing for the first time and discovering a lot about the classic film stars.

It’s also more than just old movies. Mark Philp has been putting the films on the screen for much of the organization’s fifty-plus years, from the early days of celluloid to the more recent transition to digital.

We like to say it’s the Cinephile Experience. They come for dinner. They see the same people every week. Friendships have developed. And it’s just a communal thing, sort of,” said Philip.

The season continues with a mix of comedies, dramas, westerns, and musicals. For week two at the Spaghetti Warehouse, starting Monday, March 27, at 7:00 p.m., includes a little of everything with Paramount’s 1936 hit, “Desire,” with Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper.

“The first time I saw ‘Desire’ was a couple of years ago. As I was watching it, I was thinking, ‘Oh, this has Monday night written all over it!’,” said Orlando. “It’s a great combination. It’s a crime caper, it’s a comedy, it’s a romance, it’s a drama.”

The best part is the popcorn is free! For more information on this season’s movies, head to the Syracuse Cinephile Society’s website.

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