Starbucks can now help you order based on your zodiac sign



(WXIN) – Your next Starbucks order could be written in the stars. The coffee giant has launched Starbucks Star Signs, a partnership with astrology app Sanctuary that helps craft a drink order based on your zodiac sign.

The new Starbucks Star Signs website asks users their astrological sign and whether they prefer a morning or afternoon drink before delivering a recommendation for their destined drink. Along with the grand drink reveal, each sign gets its own power words, spring color and flower.

Some of the different suggestions the website churned out included a caramel macchiato for an Aries morning drinker, a cinnamon caramel cream nitro cold brew for a Scorpio afternoon drinker and a Passion Tango tea lemonade for Virgo afternoon drinkers.

At the end of the reading, there’s an option to order the drink.

Sanctuary will also offer customers a chance to win a free reading to anyone who uploads their Starbucks Star Signs profile.

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