On the Lookout: Felony Lane Gang returns to the Syracuse area

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Felony Lane Gang has made its way back to the Syracuse area, according to the Town of Manlius Police Department Sergeant, Ken Hatter.

The Felony Lane Gang is made up of hundreds of members who travel across the United States and commit crimes.

According to Sergeant Hatter, the Felony Lane Gang’s typical crime is to smash out the window of a vehicle with items of value in view and run, or smash and grab.

These individuals seek cash, credit cards, checkbooks and most importantly, the victim’s identification. They will use people to pose as the victim and deplete their bank accounts.

The Felony Lane is a term coined by the banks to describe the lane furthest from the drive-thru window, typically used by these individuals who are trying to conceal their identity and lower their risk of capture.

Not only will the criminal enterprise steal money and break into cars but go to great lengths to blend in while carrying out their scams. Those include renting a car, stealing and switching the license plates to make the vehicle appear to be from the area, buying nice clothes and wearing a wig to look more like the victim in the photo on their driver’s license.

According to Sergeant Hatter, they will commit a series of crimes and then flee the area, only to return at a future time.

The Town of Manlius Police Department encourages Central New Yorkers to not leave personal items in plain view in their cars and if you see any suspicious activity, call 911.

Regardless of where an owner parks their vehicle — side of the road, parking lot, store, park, etc. — you could still be a victim of this crime.

In order to not be victimized by the Felony Lane Gang, police advise you to not leave your cash, wallets, purses, wristlets, back packs, credit cards, IDs or checkbooks in your vehicle, especially in plain view.

If you are missing a license plate or both plates, report it to the police as the plates could be used in the furtherance of their criminal activity.  

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