A new look for NYS inspection stickers but you might not see them in CNY yet

EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– It’s that time of year again, bays are full at automotive repair shops changing out tires and expired inspection stickers, a process that’s been the same for years.

“If it passes inspection you scan the sticker then install it on the vehicle and then it prints out a report that does download to the DMV,” Bo Forehand, Service Manager at Big 4 Tire said.

But the look of the stickers is getting an overhaul this year, now displaying vehicle-specific information such as the car’s VIN number and license plate. The DMV says the change is primarily to enhance security and help law enforcement confirm the sticker is valid. 

The change in the sticker also means a shift for repair shops like Big 4 Tire. Instead of ordering the stickers in bulk each month, they’ll now print out a customer-specific sticker on demand.

“The inspection through the system is the same steps, but when you’re done… there’s a printer that’s going to print the sticker with the vehicle name on it as far as VIN number and license plate,”

Bo Forehand, Service Manager Big 4 Tire

Big 4 Tire ordered the printer and other required equipment for this new system in August 2022. Big 4 like many other repair shops in the area is still waiting to receive the printing machines. The DMV says they haven’t received them yet because the rollout is happening in phases. Phase 2 dealers will receive the equipment and go online in the next few months with the transition to the new system expected to be complete by the end of the year. 

So while CNY drivers may not see the updated design just yet, the new stickers are coming down the road. 

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