Z Morning Zoo

3/8 Tuesday Zoo

On this edition of your Tuesday Zoo best of, Hosts Daniel Saligman, Rob Gabrik, Hudson Ridley and Cooper Andrews react to some crazy things in the media and more.

Rob doesn’t know how to ride a bike (0:40)??? The Tuesday zoo talks about The Last of Us and other video games they would like to see turned into T.V. shows (3:14), and react to Chris Rock clapping back at Will Smith on most recent Netflix comedy special (8:17). As always, they take sniffs of one of the hosts, Cooper Andrews, and diagnose him with his scent (15:15). They react to a hockey player who has ZERO idea who Nelson Mandela is talking about his impact with the hockey team and on the ice (20:21). To finish, they talk about smurf crime and more as they have a box of chocolates (26:12).

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