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3/6 Monday Zoo

Feeling Lucky? Your Monday Zoo is as they get prepped for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Jake Finnerty, May Babcock, Ben Galvanoni, and Ronnie Parrillo take Buzzfeed quizzes to decide if their partners would still love them as a worm, with Jake learning the sad truth that they would not, according to Buzzfeed. The crew live reacts to Megan Trainer’s new song snippet on tiktok, and they really wish they hadn’t done so. They put some of their favorite green things into the Box of Chocolates, with May and Ronnie showing a lot of love to a certain grocery store. Ben and Jake argue the best part of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the cinnamon filled milk that comes at the end of the bowl as the gang drafts various cereals. The show is rounded out as May goes for her fourth consecutive title in Name that Tune, can Ben or Ronnie get lucky enough to dethrone her? 

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