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Meet Your Party Station’s Executive Staff!

Grace Denton

General Manager

I oversee all aspects of the station and its staff. It’s my responsibility to keep everything running smoothly 24/7, and provide the best opportunities for our 150+ members. And of course, to create the best content for our listeners! Z89 is the place where I’ve met some of my best friends and had some of the greatest opportunities and memories of my life. I love the community this station has formed and I’m always excited to see what we’ll accomplish next!

Grace’s Favorite Song:

Anything by Taylor Swift, I could never choose just one of her songs!

Ilana Epstein

Vice President of Operations

I assist the general manager in daily tasks and help to make sure the station runs smoothly. I also oversee various departments including social media and HR. I have found some of my closest friends through Z89. I hope it can be a welcoming place for our new station members.

Ilana’s Favorite Song:

“FRIENDS” by Laundry Day.

Madelyn Doolittle

Vice President of Programming

I act as the content director for the station, which includes scheduling DJ shifts, specialty shows, imaging, interviews, and most importantly, the music we play. Anything you hear on the airwaves comes through the programming department! The best thing about Z89 for me is getting to channel a love of music into something business-oriented that resonates with people. You don’t have to have musical talent to have a career in the music industry.

Maddie’s Favorite Song:

“Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake.

Victoria Gomes Collavitti

Vice President of Business

I handle things behind the scenes like sponsorships and collaborations for the station. I work with the PR director to scout new opportunities for Z89. I am so excited to see what’s to come!

Victoria’s Favorite Song:

“All I Need To Hear” by The 1975.

Patrick Chambers

Music Director

As music director, I am responsible for programming our incredible shows! I am super excited to help bring the best Top 40 music to our party station! Z89 is such a special place to me, because its a place where the vibes are good and the music is loud!

Patrick’s Favorite Songs:

“Bombs Over Baghdad” by Outkast, “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon and “Radio” by Lana Del Rey.

Jacob Goldberg

News Director

I oversee all three of our weekly news shows! Another aspect of my position is running news updates. Z89 has been my home since I entered the industry and I have met some of my best friends while working at the station!

Jacob’s Favorite Song:

“As she’s walking away” by Zac Brown Band.

Andrew Selover

Sports Director

I oversee the Z89 Sports Department that produces sports talk radio shows and broadcasts live coverage of Section III high school football, Syracuse women’s basketball, and Syracuse women’s lacrosse. Z89 means a lot to me because it gave me my first true opportunities on the air to cover sports in CNY!

Andrew’s Favorite Song:

“Doin’ This” by Luke Combs.

Haley Greene

Social Media Director

I am responsible for all social media platforms for the station, and I run promotions for different Z branded content, giveaways, etc. I’m excited to help Z89 build Brand Awareness by growing and increasing our content and engagement with our audiences as well as expanding our social network. Z89 allows for teamwork and collaboration by working together to build this stations brand.

Haley’s Favorite Songs:

“play this when I’m gone” by Machine Gun Kelly, “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem, and “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus.

Lara Molinari

Design Director

As Design Director, I oversee and lead a team of designers that create graphics for the station’s social media, shows, and other events. Z is my favorite thing I do. It makes me so happy and proud to join such a talented group of people in doing what we love.

Lara’s Favorite Song:

“Somebody To Love” by Queen.

Molly Lindstrom

Web Director

I am responsible for all of the content that goes onto our official website, ranging from articles to artist interviews. I am so grateful for the opportunity Z89 has given me to pursue a career in music, and for the talented executive staff I get to work with!

Molly’s Favorite Songs:

“Look Up At The Stars” by Shawn Mendes, “Can We Pretend That We’re Good?” by Daniel Seavey, and “I WISH I COULD HATE YOU FOR BREAKING ME AND CALLING IT LOVE” by Clinton Kane.

Julian Frucht

Sponsorship/PR Director

My responsibilities are to help the station form sponsorships with local businesses and venues and to get press passes to events. I’m excited to work with the awesome executive staff and help the station form great connections! My favorite parts of being a member of Z89 have been making new friends and co-hosting a DJ shift!

Julian’s Favorite Song:

“Come Together” by The Beatles.

Olivia Maniscalco

HR Director

I am responsible for training the new members and dealing with any interpersonal conflicts at the station. I am very excited to get to know more people at the station through my role. Z89 has been a safe place for me. I love waking up at the crack of dawn for Z morning zoos and laughing harder than I have all week.

Olivia’s Favorite Songs:

“Midnight Rain” by Taylor Swift, “Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan, and “I’m With You” by Vance Joy.

Ashley Moran

Production Director

Ever wanted to start a podcast? Then you’ve found the right person. I head the Podcast Department here at Z and I specialize in making your hosting dreams comes true ! I’m also in charge of writing those pun-tastic liners you here between segments and ensuring the station run smoothly on the technical and production side of things. I’m not even exaggerating when I say Z89 has changed my life. This station gave me a chance to start growing into the best version of myself, from boosting my confidence on air to spending quality time with lovely humans, to gaining the courage to start my own show I am beyond thankful for the opportunities I’ve had here and am just as excited for the next generation of trainees to flourish!

Ashley’s Favorite Songs:

“Karma” by Taylor Swift, “Do You Believe in Magic” by The Lovin Spoonful, and “Something That I Want” by Grace Potter.

Dalton Deitz

Legal Director

I am in charge of running legal tests and keeping the station up to date on our bylaws. This is my first time on the executive staff, and I’m so excited to be a part of the team! Growing up in Syracuse, I would listen to this station all the time riding around with my dad, and now I get to do the same thing for the next generation.

Dalton’s Favorite Songs:

“LITE SPOTS” by Kaytranada, “Roses” by ABRA, “Feels Like Summer” by Childish Gambino, and “LVL” by A$AP Rocky.

Emma Dahmen

Broadcast Consultant

I assist wherever is needed at the station, and am available to the GM and VP’s to help run the station from behind the scenes. Z89 has been my home for the last 4 years. I’m grateful for every show I’ve been on, every early morning Zoo, every great memory with the Zamily. So excited for what 2023 has in store!

Emma’s Favorite Songs:

“I’m In Love With You” by The 1975, “Karma” by Taylor Swift, and “Gasoline” by HAIM.

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