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The Morning After Staff

Meet The Morning After cast and crew!

Ashley Moran

Executive Producer and Lead Host

“I consider myself a morning person, but really it’s the show that gets me out of bed early on Sundays. But come on, how could you not want to come to work when the purpose of your show is bring a collective positive energy to peoples’ days? Half the time we do that by ‘feuding’ over the best rom coms, milk alternatives, and giving our listeners mental tools to find the magic in their day (sometimes through our ‘Morning Manifestations’ or by simply being honest with our ‘Wholesome Hot Takes’.”

Victoria Gomes Collavitti


“This show has my entire heart. The energy we bring to the studio at 9 am on Sundays is so welcoming and warm, it is a highlight of my week.”

Soumya Tadepalli


“I love getting to learn new things about my co hosts every week during our talking segments. It’s also a lot of fun planning our segments and deciding what songs we want to play each week.”

Campbelle Stencel


“TMA is such a safe, lovely space! It’s an amazing way to start (or end) the week, especially with the constant love and support from the other hosts!”

Jocelyn Hernandez

Social Media Manager

“The Morning After is a fun show on Sunday mornings that can start your day off with good energy for the rest of the week!

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